East Africa Grant Opportunity for IFBA Professional Certification

The IFBA, in collaboration with the Biorisk Management Association of Kenya (BMAK) and the Biosafety & Biosecurity Association of Uganda (BBAU), is inviting applications for a Global Affairs Canada funded scholarship to certify the technical competency of individuals engaged in biorisk management and biosecurity practices in the East African region. This scholarship will provide funding to cover travel and accommodation costs associated with participation in a training workshop and examination session geared towards obtaining an IFBA Professional Certification in Biorisk Management or IFBA Professional Certification in Biosecurity.


Biosafety and Global public Health

Laboratory biosafety incidents or misuse of infectious agents can lead to infectious disease outbreaks with devastating health and socio-economic impacts.


2017 IFBA Biosafety Heroes Nominations Closing soon

As a reminder the nominations for IFBA's 2017 Biosafety Heroes award will be closing soon. Please kindly submit your nominations as soon as possible.


2017 IFBA Biosafety Heroes Nominations are open

The International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA) is pleased to announce that nominations for the 2017 IFBA Biosafety Heroes Awards are now open.


Working together makes the difference - International Federation of Biosafety Association (IFBA) joins the Alliance

Recognizing the need for collective action in building global health security, the IFBA is excited to join the JEE Alliance. The JEE Alliance for Country Assessments for Global Health Security and IHR Implementation has been established to give political, financial and technical support to WHO and countries in the coordination and implementation of the Joint External Evaluations as well as the ensuing process of capacity building. The main purpose of the Alliance is to serve as a platform for discussion and exchange of views and experiences among partners to facilitate engagement between countries and other relevant organizations and stakeholders involved in health security. The IFBA is engaged in ongoing efforts to enhance multisectoral collaboration and foster partnerships between its Member Biosafety Associations and government ministries in the development and implementation of national biosafety and biosecurity action plans.


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